One of the special courses offered by the BURGO Fashion Institute, reflects on the importance of fashion accessories that have become fundamental to enrich and refine the look in a fashion collection.

The fashion accessory is the item that best describes their personality, perfect and makes it look more harmonious, has the ability to transform a piece of clothing most sought communicating individuality and imagination to create combinations according to the occasions and seasons. Incorporate that element in most follows a huge difference it makes to change the look of a piece of clothing simple and informal, enriches and completes your look: we’re talking about an infinite number of items, including hats, bags, belts, shoes and boots , gloves, scarves, jewelry, sunglasses, etc.. Fashion accessories, combined in an appropriate way, perfect, not just a piece of clothing but also a person, giving unique features that convey personality and individuality. The accessories are unquestionably as a frame for a painting: fundamentals to enhance the dress.
The course is aimed at those who are attracted to all kinds of accessories, provides a thorough study in order to specialize in this field. In addition to practical subjects, which cover 80% of the lessons, the teachers help the students to contextualize the accessories in the past, the target to which they are addressed and sales strategies. Here are the details of the study subjects:

  • Basics of Anatomy
  • Color Theory
  • Design
  • Technical Drawing
  • Geometric Drawing
  • True Copy
  • Technical Drawing
  • Ideational Capacity
  • Illustration
  • Sketch
  • Decoration
  • Technical Data Sheet
  • Collection and Portfolio
  • Innovative Materials
  • In detail:
    – Jewelry
    – Shoes
    – Bags
    – Ties
    – Sunglasses
    – Boots
  • Preparation executive
  • Symbols and Function