Burgo Fashion Institute is pleased to announce the opening of its new location in Bologna, scheduled for September.
Info at imbbologna.it

Info at imbbologna.it .

This opening represents a significant step forward in the Institute’s mission to provide high-quality fashion education, bringing its renowned excellence and distinctive Burgo method to one of Italy’s most vibrant cities.

Why Bologna?

The choice of Bologna as the location for the new Institute is not accidental. Located in the heart of Italy, Bologna is a true creative crossroads, characterized by rich history, art, and a vibrant cultural scene. In addition to its undoubted beauty and innovative spirit, Bologna also stands out as a hub for the Italian fashion industry.

Bologna’s geographic location offers unparalleled connections to other major Italian cities, facilitating a network among students, professionals, and industries that few places can boast. This facilitated access to resources, events, and collaborations makes Bologna the ideal place for aspiring fashion designers and anyone wishing to work in the fashion industry.

A Growing Fashion Ecosystem

Bologna and Emilia-Romagna are already recognized for their creative industries, including a thriving fashion industry. With a mix of historic brands and innovative start-ups, the area offers a dynamic environment that stimulates creativity and innovation.

The opening of the Burgo Fashion Institute in Bologna is intended to fit into this context, helping to train the next generation of talents in the fashion world, ready to leave their mark.

Courses and Training Paths

The Burgo Fashion Institute is proud to offer in Bologna all the courses that have made the Burgo Method a benchmark in the world of fashion education.

From design to tailoring, students will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a stimulating and challenging environment, guided by top-notch faculty and industry professionals.

Pre-registration are Open

For those who are already excited about this new opportunity and would like to learn more, the imbbologna.it website offers the opportunity to leave your name to receive all the information about the courses and how to register.

We invite everyone interested to register to stay up-to-date with the latest news and opening events.