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Fashion School Rome

Rome is art, fashion, culture and cinema, an international setting for a wide and varied audience. Rome is full of stimuli and opportunities: incredible monuments and works of art in every corner of the city. In Rome, fashion finds different outlets, from the world of entertainment, to cinema and theater. The Eternal City, a meeting place between sartorial tradition, research and experimentation. Important luxury fashion houses were founded right in the capital and large international brands have opened luxury boutiques and ateliers along the famous Roman streets.


It is right here in Rome, in those streets that are the undisputed symbol of fashion, between Via dei Condotti, Via del Corso and Via Cola di Rienzo, where all the best stylists in the world have their ateliers and where you can admire the most shop windows prestigious, that the Burgo Fashion Institute has its headquarters and carries out its activity, in Lungotevere dei Mellini, 44.

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