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The Burgo Institute was born from almost 60 years of teaching experience in the fashion sector. Founder, property and most of the collaborators are Italian, as a guarantee of the Italian nature of the training.

Istituto di Moda Burgo has almost 60 years of teaching experience in the fashion sector: it is an uninterrupted vocation to Italian fashion and made in Italy, years that have led to an improvement of the educational system with innovative methodologies, books and programs now reference points for many other fashion schools in Milan and all around the world. The most important recognition is given by the fashion companies that find in our Institute the best reference for the recruitment of new actors in the fashion field. In almost 60 years we have witnessed the birth and disappearance of many schools, so we think that 60 years are an important guarantee on the validity, vision and seriousness of our institute.

Since its foundation, the founder Fernando Burgo has never wanted to sign a contract with his students. If you are not happy, you want to stop or change school you can do it whenever you want, without penalties or additional costs.

We are the only school that does not bind the student and our rate of withdrawals or dropouts is the lowest of all.

We use the best and recognized fashion books, IL FIGURINO and IL MODELLISMO, complete and up-to-date texts that accompany all our former students and that they continue to consult even after completing the course for every doubt or need.

We know them very well, because we made them ourselves! They are in Italian and English versions and thanks to our experts we renew them periodically.

Who better than Italians can teach fashion? Founder, property and most of the collaborators are Italian, as a guarantee of the Italian nature of the training.

The “Burgo method” is a method that does not give generic information: those who graduate from the Institute already know how to work, they are already ready to enter an atelier, a large tailor’s workshop or be part of the staff of a stylist. Even if we favor jobs offers , we are always available to activate internships throughout Italy.

At Istituto Burgo the teachers do not remain seated at the chair: for 80% of the time the teacher is side by side with the student in laboratory lessons; The theoretical lessons are those useful for the fashion profession, such as marketing and fibers adn yarns. The limit number of students per teacher is very important for the learning, for example in the courses of pattern making there are maximum 8 students per class.

The teachers of Istituto Burgo are at school from morning to evening. Students can choose the times they prefer. Missed lessons can be recovered for free.

80% Practice 20% Theory. The Burgo method is mainly based on practice, therefore laboratories, projects and collaborations exactly as in the companies, with teachers coming from the world of work.

You are not a number, here our founder Fernando Burgo and his collaborators know you and are always ready to listen to you if any problem.

If you can’t pay for the course in one go, you can do it monthly without interests and without signing any contract.

The school is cosmopolitan: languages ​​and cultures are mixed and it is not rare that in addition to many new friendships, ideas, collaborations and even new companies and brands will born!

Beyond Milan, Rome and Lecce, the Institute has branches in Brazil – Indonesia – Egypt – Turkey – Jordan – Mexico – India – Nigeria – Armenia – Malaysia – Saudi Arabia – Kosovo – Albania – Switzerland – Qatar – Dominican Republic – United Arab Emirates – Romania – Peru who teach with the Burgo method and let 10,000 students approach MADE IN ITALY each year.

Once enrolled, you remain part of the Institute forever. Even after completing the course and after many years you have the opportunity to attend  specialization or refresher courses at any Burgo location in Italy or abroad without having to pay a new registration fee!



Video of the annual fashion show at the Milan venue “The Beach” created by the students of the Burgo Fashion School.




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