The Course

Haute Couture Embroidery course is thought for those who want to specialise in the creation techniques of Haute Couture embroideries, with a particular focus on those realised using the Lunéville technique.
Starting from the basic stitches, students will progressively learn more complex techniques, thus becoming able, by the end of their course, to express their creativity along the lines of Italian Haute Couture.
The aim of this course is to create expert professionals who are able to work in Haute Couture ateliers.

  • Presentation of the course – historic background
  • Tools
  • The embroidery technique on loom – how to dress the loom
  • Yarns and materials used for embroidery with decorations (Jet, sequin etc.)
    Thread punch stitch
    Grass stitch
    Past stitch
    Short stitch
    Full stitch
    Painting stitch
    Chain stitch
    Knot point
    Steam stitch
    Embroidery with needle (jais, canopies, crystal with and without casting, feathers etc.)
    Use of crochet and microhook

Total hours: 90
Lesson duration: 3 hours
Course fee € 1700
Registration fee €500
The cost of the course includes VAT and text book

Schedule examples:
Duration: 1 month – Weekly lessons: 8
Duration: 2 months – Weekly lessons: 4
Duration: 4 months – Weekly lessons: 2

Installment plans are available. For more information please contact

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Open Day Milan

16 June @ 09:00 - 16:00

It will be possible to visit the classrooms, you will be able to view the projects of the former students, have a direct meeting with the director Fernando Burgo and the teachers to ask for advice for an orientation on the program more suited to their attitudes and needs, it will be you can also participate in one or more workshops of your choice.

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