The Course

The aim of the pattern grading course is to introduce the student to the knowledge of the mass production of the industrial method.Since the industrial system is mass-produced, it has low costs and can involve the younger too.The industrial method does not create patterns on personal sizes, but according to the physical conformation of target of end-consumers they refer to.The table for the sizes is calculated on anthropometrical sizes taken form the target of consumer it refers to. The course address the students who are interested in studying ready-to-wear clothing.A complete preparation will be given to the attendants, in order to allow them to realize all the kinds of garments: women skirts, men jackets, sleeves and collars of any difficulties.

  • Study of Basis
  • Anatomical Basis
  • Study of Measurement
  • Pattern Grading Techniques
  • Change of Sizes
  • Technical Draw
  • Study of Skirt
  • Study of Trousers
  • Study of Sleeves
  • Study of Bodice
  • Study of Dress
  • Study of Jacket
  • Study of Shirt and Blouse
  • Study of Coats
  • Dart in Transfer
  • Setting Prototype
  • Dima

Total hours: 90
Lesson duration: 3 hours
Registration € 500
Course fee € 1500

Schedule examples:
Duration: 2 months – Weekly lessons: 4
Duration: 1 month – Weekly lessons: 8
Duration: 3 weeks – Weekly lessons: 10

The registration fee is unique and valid for admission to other courses.
The cost of the course includes VAT and didactic material, which consists of text books and rules.

Installment plans are available. For more information please contact

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Open Day Milan

8 July @ 09:00 - 15:00

It will be possible to visit the classrooms, you will be able to view the projects of the former students, have a direct meeting with the director Fernando Burgo and the teachers to ask for advice for an orientation on the program more suited to their attitudes and needs, it will be you can also participate in one or more workshops of your choice.

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