Our students collections.

Savage collection


  This collection was created by our student:  Elisabetta Spatola SAVAGE FALL / WINTER 2020/21 Inspired by the wild nature that each woman holds in her Freudian super-ego. Curiosity to know and to know, great strength and endurance: these are just some of the natural affinities between the world of animals and the model of woman I was inspired by. An Aggressive Power Woman, but at the same time sensual and romantic. The clothes were designed for a hybrid habitat, wild but with a metropolitan spirit. Impetuous creations celebrate the [...]

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Urban shades of light


This collection was created by our student: Lucrezia Franchioli FALL/WINTER 2020/2021 "Light is the origin of everything: from the moment it strikes the surface of things it outlines its profiles and producing the shadows behind the objects, it captures its depth. Light, in its scientific sense, is defined as the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum visible to the human eye, but the term light also takes on another meaning that completely deviates from the merely scientific definition to fall within the spiritual sphere, the light is considered to be the [...]

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Paris Collection


This collection was made by our student: Samadhi Tathsarani INSPIRATION Amidst the tranquility stands the great architecture of the 19th century smothering the atmosphere with serenity with a glimpse of modern touch. A modern destination with an antique history, a dream come true to lovers, travel tycoons and fashion-hungered devotees well known to be Paris. A sacred destination which never failed to amaze the world with trendsetting fashions and unique styles, tag lined to be the fashion capital of the world. Every step in this territory is embraced with the [...]

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  • Anime Sensuali

Sensual Souls


This collection was made by our student: Davide Sonci (Italy) SENSUAL SOULS "Sensuality" is more than the charm of beauty, it is an abstract and mysterious concept capable of awakening the senses and making you lose your head. It is something extremely subjective viscerally linked to the person to whom it belongs, to his soul. The collection takes inspiration from THREE ICON WOMEN, all characterized by a sensuality as marked as it is different. OPHELIA, female protagonist of the tragedy Hamlet by W. Shakespeare, is the emblem of pure sensuality [...]

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  • Borchie tutto il giorno

Borchie tutto il giorno


This collection was made by our student: Alessandra Bolzan (Italy) JIMMY CHOO The Jimmy Choo brand was founded in 1996 by an idea of ​​Tamara Mellon, then editor of accessories for Vogue England and Jimmy Choo, a Malaysian shoemaker who moved to the East End of London in the early 1990s. Soon Mr. Choo's granddaughter, Sandra Choi, also joins the company as Creative Director. It was Mellon who identified a serious shortcoming in the field of footwear of those years: the lack of evening sandals that were not only aesthetically [...]

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  • Heresh vaga

Heresh Vaga


This collection was made by our student: Heresh Vaga (South Africa ) Heresh Vaga 108 thousand years ago, within the golden Galaxy in the Kingdom of Qharmaksetre, Candrani was born, a beautiful baby boy who during the baptism ceremony, the high priest appointed warrior prince. Then as usual, at the tender age of 5 years the young prince was assigned a "protector" guardian named Bodhini. That he had an obligation to protect and guide him throughout his life. Bodhini, son of the royal merchant, was intelligent and with a strong [...]

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  • Le spectre de la rose

Le Spectre de la Rose


This collection was made by our student: Camille Pfister (France) LE SPECTRE DE LA ROSE SPRING/SUMMER 2013 The autumn / winter 2012 collection represents all the complexity and the dark side of the female character. The spring / summer 2012 collection instead emphasizes its sweetness and mental peace. So there are two lines of inspiration that underline this enigmatic nature: "Russian Ballets", colors and "Floral Textures". The choice of clothes is inspired by Diaghilev's "Russian Ballets". The customs of the company were linked to oriental art inspired by Russian tales [...]

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  • Sposa Romantica

Sposa Romantica


This collection was made by our student: Susanna Ciocchetta (ITA) The collection of wedding dresses is inspired by the theme of the mask, previously used in the nineteenth century by the nobles, in the dances and celebrations of the Venetian carnival to give a mysterious and fascinating touch. The same that every bride wants to have, to feel that day the absolute protagonist. The collection consists of twelve dresses, embellished with refined light details and soft pastel colors. In which iridescent are created through the overlap of worked tulle, milk [...]

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  • Torquo Se

Torquo se


This collection was made by our student: Francesca Cinderellini (ITA) “THE RISE AND FALL OF ZIGGY STARDUST” Rise and decline of a myth In the early 70s, in England, rock becomes a masked ball. Under the bright neon lights, the young dudes went crazy: neo-freaks who transform the bearded eco-pacifist gatherings of their hippie cousins ​​into a wild kitsch festival. That it is "peace and love", in short, but without any ideological or political constraints whatsoever. This is how disengagement, transvestism and sexual ambiguity triumph, in a flood of sequins [...]

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  • Rose Damon

Rose Damon


This collection was made by our student: Teresa Orecchio (ITA) It runs the year 3013 In an era like ours, in which in the market, the offer is double the demand, I just have to involve the customer by capturing his emotion. There is no theme in my work, these 3 figures are born from the simple desire to create a strong and refined language. I dream of dressing a statuesque woman, demanding and unreachable, who knows how to make a classic evening dress, a modern and intriguing way to [...]

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