Our students collections.

Lucrezia Cappella Bitter Sweet collection


The class, beyond the classes. Who better is the city full of? Poor people or poor people? Rich people or rich people? Two seemingly distant, incompatible, unapproachable worlds. It is through careful observation of the world and of society that they coexist in the collection, without prevailing over each other. In the reality presented, figures from the most well-off to the most needy exist and coexist, where the two extremes meet in the common need for protection. The series is made up of continuous overlapping of clothes and fabrics, where [...]

Lucrezia Cappella Bitter Sweet collection2023-02-02T11:00:39+01:00

Back to Earth by Robin Capelli


A genderless collection inspired by nature and its connection with man. Nature seen in the form of English countryside with a damp, cold winter climate... Comfortable and simple lines are fundamental, the fusion of genderless lines with the touch of light given by the applications of pearls and crystals... every detail and material is closely linked to nature, such as the camou age motif taken from the colors of the bark of the tree.

Back to Earth by Robin Capelli2023-01-11T11:57:32+01:00

Gasoline collection of Lucrezia Cappella


For the presentation of this project I choose to take you with me on a journey. The theme follows the direct line of the dark historical period that the world is experiencing. In fact, as I wanted to represent, the lack of bright colors is a key point of this work. The escalation of light in the use of colors is very evident, as if there were an evolution from the negative extreme, gloomy and dark, at the positive extreme of the color of hope. Straight and minimal lines, oversized [...]

Gasoline collection of Lucrezia Cappella2023-01-12T10:49:25+01:00

Doomsday collection


GIULIA TAMBOSCO COLLECTION The collection is inspired by a post-apocalyptic world, where plants and nature have taken possession of the Earth, forcing human beings left alive to wear opaque garments and blend in with their surroundings. The prints created take up the world of flowers and insects using bright and eye-catching colors. The hats are designed to be gender-free, that is, suitable for anyone who wants to wear them.

Doomsday collection2022-01-14T10:28:30+01:00

Street Lights


CARLOTTA SPINELLA COLLECTION The harmony between American hip pop and Japanese graffiti art is the main feature of the collection. Inspired by the fashion of rappers belonging to the American West Coast gangs of the 90s and the art of graffiti (one of the four art forms of hip pop); the collection is reflected, from a conceptual point of view, in the sculptures of Fabio Viale. In this particular case, the Laocoon. Therefore, the collection consists of conventional West Coast clothing modified with the use of turtlenecks, oversized hoods and [...]

Street Lights2022-01-12T10:55:40+01:00

Portolano project


The final term exam of the school year inspired our fashion design students with a different project: the creation of a capsule collection of eight gloves and two accessories of their choice (bags, key rings, etc.) for the Portolano brand, a leader in the leather goods sector since 1895. The creative director of the brand, Marco Pisu, accompanied the girls during the design of the collection, returning to the school after the work was finished as an examiner. It emerged that the students were very professional and that their work [...]

Portolano project2021-07-27T09:09:17+02:00



80's breeze is a collection aimed at women and designed for spring/summer 2021. Diving into the past, I designed some must-have fashion items from the 80s, making them contemporary, fresh and bubbly and incorporating marine elements into the style, such as coral, seahorses, pearls and, finally, the turtle pattern which - traditionally used for accessories - is, here printed on silk organza instead. These are nineteen outfits that accompany, from day to night, a woman with a spirit as sparkling as a sea breeze, glamorous and not afraid to dare, [...]

80’s BREEZE2021-07-19T09:18:53+02:00
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Animal Dualism


Animal Dualism Project realized by Giulia Tambosco. The Olmechi, known as the people of the jaguar, were born from the carnal union of a jaguar and a woman. Union represents creation, but also friendship and celebration, finding oneself forming a community like that of the Hippies or the celebration of the Guelaguetza. Hence the fusion of an ancient people, a traditional festival and a peaceful community, giving life to a collection that is inspired by the animal dualism of the body and our wild spirit. The illustrated dresses have a [...]

Animal Dualism2021-01-20T12:41:33+01:00
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Futurism Lights


Fashion portfolioThe past is prolonged reaching the future, futurist art merges with nature and progress, giving life to forms of unstoppable energy and vitality, which transport us to an almost surreal environment, in which nature, with its suggestive glows of light, he manages to recreate "the forest of our veins" cited by Marinetti, "which spreads out of the body, into the infinity of space and time". Art, nature and progress in this way give life to sinuous dresses, free volumes that seem to move towards an appetizingly unexplored world, bold [...]

Futurism Lights2021-01-19T11:48:37+01:00

Women’s footwear


The essential lines are sometimes intoxicated by personalized graphics, enclosing the wonder of a preserved beauty with gentle mystery and neo transparency. Key concepts: Clean shapes, gentle wraps, breaths, volumes and patterns, in the name of Easy to wear, finding the Personal interpretation of new trends among the cocoons and the primordial phases of Metamorphosis. Inclusion, Protection and Discreet Performance. Incorporating. Stratifying. transpire Grafting. In addition to being the Season Note, red is the common thread between the model shop. A panorama of exciting and refined shades, selected from the [...]

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