April 2024


This drawing was made by our student:   Jasmine Ibrahim TITLE: Wear your Crown CONCEPT: I thought of this collection by creating eye-catching clothes for stage personalities possessing the power to dazzle spectators, the public, the paparazzi with the brilliance they exude. Designed for iconic identities, a symbol of life and uniqueness. Icons are ready to live in the spotlight and be admired as expensive and valuable works of art. The clothes are Just un fais. Confidence is all I see and there is only one rule and that is [...]

April 20242024-03-28T10:33:29+01:00

March 2024


This drawing was made by our student:   Filippo Thomas Valente TITLE: Street Confort CONCEPT: In these designs there are comfortable, Urban outfits, designed for everyday life. There is a prevalence of soft colors alternating with brighter and flashier colours. What characterizes the garments even more is the hardware, metal elements such as: zips, buttons and studs. COLORING TECHNIQUE: Pantoni Promarker, and Caran D'Ache pencils.

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February 2024


This drawing was made by our student:   Marta Magni TITLE: Haute Couture Gods of Egypt CONCEPT: The collection is inspired by the beauty, care and refinement of the Egyptian woman. The clothes are rich in historical references to ancient Egypt, as they are embellished with golden accessories, enhanced by the headdresses of Anubis and Bastet, symbols of the rebirth of the female figure. The style is contemporary and designed for a strong and confident woman. COLORING TECHNIQUE: Pantoni Promarker, Prismalo and Luminance Caran D'Ache pencils, gold and white microtip.

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January 2024


This drawing was made by our student:   Krasniqi Bora TITLE: Ice cool CONCEPT: The concept of this collection was born from the idea of combining a basic style and a glamorous style, translated into three looks that are the cohesion of these styles for a cool and modern result. The collection is designed for the autumn-winter season and is characterized by a cold color palette. Each piece is designed to convey a sense of glamor and style, creating a unique blend of the classic and the modern COLORING TECHNIQUE: [...]

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