June 2022


This drawing was made by our student: Iris Indrigo (Italy) DESCRIPTION: For these outfits I was inspired by the baroque and rococo style from a modern and scenic perspective. COLORING TECHNIQUES: marker and pastel

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May 2022


This drawing was made by our student: Alessia Benvenuti (Italy) TITLE: SELF CONFIDENT   CONCEPT:  I created this collection of 3 different outfits for a woman who shows herself for what she is, without shame, and who doesn't care about other people's opinions: she dresses for the sole pleasure of pleasing herself with her shape, through the transparency of organza on the skin which generates a see-through effect, accompanied by oversized garments with an androgynous and elegant style. For this capsule I drew inspiration from vintage. COLORING TECHNIQUES: pantoni Promarker, [...]

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April 2022


This drawing was made by our student: Carola Dinapoli (Italy) THE BRIDE'S STARS: I created this collection inspired by zodiac signs, giving each bride their own constellation. The name was designed to allow the bride to dream and to wear their zodiac sign stars in order to shine on her most beautiful day. USED TECHNIQUES: Promarker, Caran D’Ache pastels, white tempera, gold fineliner.  

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March 2022


This drawing was made by our student: Carola Silvetti (Italy) DESCRIPTION: For the creation of the three outfits, I was inspired by the sensuality of a woman who is not afraid to show herself, aware of her strength and her power, beyond the classic stereotypes, which often see the female body laid bare as synonymous with "toy", "indecency" or "shamelessness". The idea is therefore to conceive a woman who is really free to be, confident and up to date. USED TECHNIQUES: Pantoni Promarker, Caran D'Ache pastels, black micro-tip, enamel  

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February 2022


This drawing was made by our student: Marta Sabbadini (Italy) NAME: LIGHT AS A FEATHER DESCRIPTION: For this collection I drew inspiration from feathers, especially ostrich ones, as a symbol of lightness and refinement which, accompanied by some transparencies, always maintain the idea of elegance. This collection was designed for a new and refined woman, who wants to break out of the box of simple prêt-à-porter outfits, adding simple but at the same time elegant feathers, thus acquiring greater femininity and refinement. USED TECHNIQUES: Promarker, Caran D’Ache pastels, white and [...]

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January 2022


This drawing was made by our student: Alessandro Marzano (Italy) NAME: Botanic Mistresses. DESCRIPTION: This mini collection has mainly been inspired by infamous carnivorous plants, specifically: Venus Fly Trap, Nepenthes and Drosera Capensis. The woman I decided to dress up for this concept is an extremely powerful woman, ruthless and fierce. Ultimately, a villain, promptly ready to devour you entirely whole. USED TECHNIQUES: water color, pastels, acrilics.  

January 20222022-01-21T10:40:14+01:00