This drawing has been designed by our fashion student :

Stella Manente (ITA)

In an age like ours, in which the offer is double of the request, I just have to engage the customer by capturing his emotion. There is no theme in my work because these three designs come from the simple desire to create a strong language and refined. My dream is dressing a statuesque, demanding and unreachable woman, who can make a classic night dress, a modern and intriguing expression. I used mechanical pencil on white paper, I clean the graphite with the rubber gasket and filled the backgrounds with TRIA Pantone + blender, then I gave a second coat of colored pencils Caran d’Ache to play with the depth and I refinished the job with the microtip, both white and black. I used as a detail for woman, a glitter eye make-up, for man, some pearls applied such as buttons and a nail polish on the lapels, to make the idea of duchesses. I love to combine different techniques.