The Cube Archive, a large space in San Giovanni Valdarno, a few kilometres from Florence, is a place between past and modernity, where our students recently had the opportunity to show their passion and creativity.

A group of students, accompanied by director Monica Burgo and supervisor Silvia Schirru, were welcomed by the kindness and professionalism shown by Marius Hordijk (General Manager  The Cube Archive) and Corinna Chiassai (Head of Design Fendi RTW) last Saturday (April 9th) when they took part in a workshop whose main characters were all the garments that Stefano Chiassai (Design Director RTW Fendi Uomo) has collected over the years.

There are mainly men’s clothes, shoes and accessories, which are made available to the brands’ style offices, who can go there to start their creative research. The designers start with one of the garments, which can also be manipulated and modified, for example through embroidery, and then develop the entire collection. Particularly interesting are denim and military garments, which Chiassai deeply admires .

The challenge for our students, helped by Corinna Chiassai, Head of Design Fendi RTW, was to work as stylist, creating complete looks (clothing + accessories), creating a concept and displaying it through illustration and the creation of a moodboard.

What most impressed Robin and Lucrezia, Fashion Design students, was the variety and uniqueness of the pieces in the archive, unparalleled pieces, often modified and therefore impossible to find anywhere else: a selection that can’t do anything but stimulate the creativity of young designers.

Giulia, who has almost completed the Fashion Collection course, was also impressed by the welcome they received: Corinna dealt with the students in a professional but at the same time empathetic and friendly way, putting everyone at ease. Adina, who is also about to finish the Fashion Collection course, found it very interesting to discover the role of the Creative Director: the students experienced a different kind of work, leaving behind the role of Fashion Designer for an afternoon.

Our students were complimented for their enthusiasm and passion, and for their ability to work seriously and professionally, putting themselves on the line, stepping out of their comfort zone.

Definitely an experience to replicate!