Friday, 26 July 2019 09:38

New opening! Finally a new Burgo branch in the heart of Palermo!

How can we say? New year new life! However a good news is arriving by the end of the summer. The ancient tailoring in its most modern version packs up and goes to the south! Finally the renowed school of Milan has opened a new branch of Istituto di Moda Burgo in the heart of Palermo!


Among sea breeze and the hot sun of the south of Italy next 9th September 2019 the founder and director Fernando Burgo is going to launch the lessons. Burgo officially assigned the role of director of the new branch to a young promise and fashion stylist Rossella Cutrò.

Rossella completed her education in three years following stylist, pattern making and moulage courses in order to be well prepared for her next students. The girl learnt all the main aspects of Burgo method by following the instructions of the most prepared teachers and now she felt ready to give her knowledge to the future fashion talents in her city. She will guide teachers and reveal all the secrets and techniques about fashion design.

Once again we are talking about a professional school with books, templates and exclusive educational method. The new branch in Palermo will have the same programmes, didactics and methodologies of the others Burgo branches in Italy such as Milan, Rome and Lecce and in the world like Switzerland, Brasil, Mexico, Egypt, Qatar, Emirates, Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia.

The school will open its doors for the first time in occasion of the 9th September Open Day in which everyone could visit the school, see ex students projects, ask for advices and talk with teachers and directors.

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