In a versatile context such as photography, where creativity joins design, the Istituto di Moda Burgo in Rome has tried to answer this question by organizing a workshop in synergy with La Placa, Rome Academy of Photography and in collaboration with the MUD, the international Make Up school in Rome.

The name of the seminar, “3 schools for an idea”, recalls precisely this triple presence and tells of a journey that starts from the creation of the mood created by one of our students Augustina Castellani, to the choice of forms and their materialization (by Werner Victoria Ashley) to dress and color faces, up to the shots to enhance them.

A good co-marketing initiative, as well as a chain work for the students of the institutes, involved in the creation of a mood, packages, make-up and shots.

Flagships of various brands, new lenses for photos and videos, seminars and workshops, this and much more from 10th to 11th May, in the two days dedicated to amateurs and professionals in the world of photography and video who will be able to confront themselves with some great industry experts ready to tell some of their most significant images.

Photographers and video-makers of the moment will be available to share experiences and give advice. Participants will be able to touch new equipment made available by major companies that have decided to participate in the event. Posing rooms will be filled with lights and backdrops to welcome girls ready to pose, complying with the experiments of visitors who can thus test the potential of what has been presented.

For info and registration call 06 817 3765 or write to .