Fashion Show Pigments 2022

After two years, Istituto di Moda Burgo’s end-of-year fashion show is finally back on Thursday June 30th. The show will be dedicated to present the creations of our students not only from the Milan and Rome institutes, but also from all Italian and international schools.

The garments, made entirely by our students, will once again be on the catwalk of the Milanese venue The Beach.

Pigments is a collection that represents the emotional plurality in the personality and soul of each of us.

Each mood is associated with a colour that recalls and describes the multiplicity of feelings and reactions we have had and will have in this historical period.

Colour becomes a symbol of optimism but also a cure. A ‘colour therapy’ on clothes that support the mood with energising, calming and natural tones.

The use of colour block is fundamental, but also the combination of colours reminiscent of nature in its most macro form.

Garments with insubstantial but at the same time structured fabrics, and manipulations on the fabric, create folds and geometric shapes that transport us to Land Art installations.

Liveliness and reality come together in a union of dreams for a collection that fuses Haute Couture with the elegance of minimalism.

The Beach – Via Arcangelo Corelli, 62 – Milano