The founder and actual Director of the “Istituto di Moda Burgo”, Fernando Burgo, has been bestowed the highest award given to the citizens or institution, through their own initiatives, human or professional, helped enhance the prestige of the city of Milan.<br />Citizens, awarded this honor, are called “Benemeriti”.

There are two categories that relate to such recognition:

• Gold Medal
• Certificate of Civic Merit

Every year are awarded up to a maximum of 30 Gold Medals and 40 Certificates of Merit.
The Council proposes some names for the award deserving of this recognition.
The winners are chosen by the Bureau of the Municipal Council of Milan.
The Mayor of Milan will deliver to the Director Fernando Burgo, the Gold Medal, better known as “Ambrogino d’Oro”, December 7, on the feast of St. Ambrogio, the Patron Saint of the city of Milan.
The Director, Fernando Burgo, gave prestige to the city of Milan for having made known, all over the world, his teaching method “Made in Italy” through his activities created in the fashion industry, of which Milan is the capital of the world, for his sensibility in helping young people, internationally, in entering the world of work thereby disclosing his teaching method in many Countries, over and above 30 locations in the Italian territory, including: Indonesia, Turkey, Mexico, India, Spain, Dominican Rep., Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Brazil, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Armenia, Bolivia, Peru, Nepal, Nigeria, Albania, Kosovo…