80’s breeze is a collection aimed at women and designed for spring/summer 2021.
Diving into the past, I designed some must-have fashion items from the 80s, making them contemporary, fresh and bubbly and incorporating marine elements into the style, such as coral, seahorses, pearls and, finally, the turtle pattern which – traditionally used for accessories – is, here printed on silk organza instead.
These are nineteen outfits that accompany, from day to night, a woman with a spirit as sparkling as a sea breeze, glamorous and not afraid to dare, a bit like the women of the Eighties who embraced the Power Dressing trend to impose their authority in an environment, both private and professional, dominated by men.
The fabrics of which the collection is composed give life to an eclectic line, ranging between an airy silhouette, given by a chiffon skirt, and a structured one, given by a jacket with padded straps, but able at the same time, with a silk evening dress that glides on her figure, defining it, to highlight femininity and elegance.
In a world trying to recover from a pandemic crisis, colour is essential to reassure the client, so I chose a palette with warm tones to activate and energise the mind and body, instilling feelings of joy and pleasure, all counterbalanced by cool, therapeutic, purifying and calming colours. Finally, I have added the colour gold, which is normally associated with sunlight and can transmit warmth, movement and strength.