This drawing was made by our student:

Piazza Alessia

TITLE: The Flamenco rose

CONCEPT: A journey to modern Seville with the background of a seductive Flamenco, which wants to remember the blood of the origins, the fascinating seduction of a dancer and a powerful bullfighter which further enhances the hot femininity of the Spanish woman wrapped in her typical clothes reinterpreted.
Contrasts of rigid and important volumes, others more adherent and snug that underline the curves of the body and leave transparencies in the most fascinating points.
The embroidery enhances the lines of the garments making them more precious with pearls and Swarovski, the neutral black and white shades are enhanced even more by the red of passion. This capsule collection is suitable for a sensual and seductive woman who knows what she wants but who also knows how to be delicate and fiery like a newly bloomed rose.

COLORING TECHNIQUE: Pantone, pastels, tempera and gel pens.