December 2023


This drawing was made by our student:   Maria Laura Labate (Italia) TITLE: Gothic Chic: beauty of times gone by CONCEPT: For a sensual and mysterious woman, at times a little macabre due to the presence of skulls, I took inspiration mainly from the goth style and added a touch of Victorian COLORING TECHNIQUE: Pantoni Promarker, Caran D'Ache pencils, ink and tempera.

December 20232023-12-01T11:20:56+01:00

November 2023


This drawing was made by our student:   Kayllane De Souza CONCEPT: The collection takes inspiration from the dualism of my sophisticated yet bold personality. It combines the punk and rock side of leather with the elegance and sensuality of black lace, along with the addition of golden accents to create captivating and elegant looks. COLORING TECHNIQUE: Pantone Promarkers, Caran d'Ache pastels, gold, black, and white micro-tip pens.

November 20232023-11-10T09:36:04+01:00

October 2023


This drawing was made by our student:   Alba Marina Caballero Acevedo (Venezuela) CONCEPT: This collection is inspired by the lethal and mysterious beauty of the Black Widow. The fluidity of latex in stark contrast with the rigidity of PVC which gives brilliance and sinuosity to the female figure. All accompanied by metallic details that enrich the garments. Designed especially for a strong woman with an indomitable character who does not allow herself to be overwhelmed by social preconceptions and who experiences her sensuality freely and who is not afraid [...]

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September 2023


This drawing was made by our student: Chiara Passanante (Italy) CONCEPT: The inspiration for the creation of these dresses comes from the use of contrasting materials: tulle and metal. The softness and lightness of one contrasted with the hardness and coldness of the other which, when combined, give scenographic and sculptural clothes. COLORING TECHNIQUES: Pantones, pastels and metallic micropoint.

September 20232023-08-25T09:48:47+02:00

August 2023


This drawing was made by our student: Andrea Cessel (Italy) TITLE: Eccentricity of Money. CONCEPT: The title of this theme wants to show the elegance and majesty of high fashion garments and the exclusivity they possess, therefore accessible only to a narrow category of people. COLORING TECHNIQUES: Pantoni Promarker, Caran d'Ache pastels, black and white micropoint.

August 20232023-06-27T10:59:15+02:00

July 2023


This drawing was made by our student: Alice Voria (Italy) CONCEPT: marries Brides in Wonderland COLORING TECHNIQUES: 8 pastels, pantones and tempera

July 20232023-06-27T11:00:17+02:00

June 2023


This drawing was made by our student: Giulia Andreello (Italy) CONCEPT: For these three outfits I was inspired by Tim Burton's films, characterized by a dark and fantasy veil that often embodies the darker sides of those who are attracted to his world. In each garment I have tried to blend elegance with Tim Burton's gothic art to recreate his settings and characters: terrifying, but at the same time bewitching. COLORING TECHNIQUES: Pantoni Promarker and Caran D'Ache pastels

June 20232023-06-27T11:01:02+02:00

May 2023


This drawing was made by our student: Viviana Sorrentino (Italy) TITLE: Oriente CONCEPT: These works want to get closer to the oriental world and it is on the leather element that we wanted to focus our attention, a detail that unites all three garments. These are elegant clothes full of accessories that allow you to enter another dimension. Here the colors red and purple collaborate in the birth of an interesting energy. A bright color like red transmits energy and dynamism, in fact this is well highlighted by the dress with [...]

May 20232023-06-27T11:01:53+02:00

April 2023


This drawing was made by our student: Nicolò Maiavacca (Italy) TITLE: Good Ol’ Dayz CONCEPT: The collection is inspired by the street style of the late 80s' early 90s'. It does not follow a precise thread, because at that time in the American ghettos people created their own outfits with they found in their closets, not buying but exploiting. Even before the advent of the great exponents of this style (Stüssy, Supreme, Nike etc.) the streets were teeming with oversize garments, baggy jeans, varsity and racing jackets and many sneakers. [...]

April 20232023-06-27T11:02:40+02:00

March 2023


This drawing was made by our student: Renee Nabam (India) TITLE: NOSTALGIA CONCEPT: This collection is meant to evoke a sense of nostalgia and romance - soft and edgy. I chose tulle as the essence of the collection because to me it softens a texture and adds frill and femininity to a frame. And I chose to contrast tulle with leather to create a sort of yin and yang romance. COLORING TECHNIQUES: Promarker, Caran d'Ache pencils, black and white pen.

March 20232023-06-27T11:03:31+02:00