June 2021


This drawing was made by our student: Valentina Galli (Italy) COLORING TECHNIQUE: Pantones promarkers and prismalo pastels By Caran D'ache For this collection I was inspired by a mysterious, sensual and determined woman, always ready to face any situation and get involved. I thought of using transparent and embroidered fabrics to achieve greater femininity and sensuality.          

June 20212021-08-02T09:52:24+02:00

May 2021


This drawing was made by our student: Ilaria Tempesti (Italy) COLORING TECHNIQUE: PROMARKER, PRISMALO CARAN D'ACHE COLORED PENCILS I realized this small collection for a woman with a strong character and a strong awareness of her body. I chose the down jacket and the jeans remaining on the classic tones of white, gray and black which are however broken up by the colorful tops. A very high-waisted jeans and a short top that leave a part of the abdomen uncovered confirm the confidence of a woman on her body.   [...]

May 20212021-05-25T09:20:13+02:00

April 2021


This drawing was made by our student: Sanni Vittoria (Italy) TITLE: COUNTRY ROAD In the footsteps of Max Mara revisited in a country key highlighted by color contrasts. It reflects a dynamic woman, practical, fashion and comfort. COLORING TECHNIQUE: PANTONES, COPIC AND CARAN D' ACHE PASTELS.        

April 20212021-04-19T09:25:45+02:00

March 2021


This drawing was made by our student: Srey Speranza (Italy) INSPIRATION: For the creation of the 3 figurines, I was inspired by the Harajuko district located in Japan, taking up the casual style with a mix of elegance and the use of the bright colors present in the typical outfits of the district. COLORING METHOD: BRUSHMARKER, COLORED PENCILS      

March 20212021-04-19T09:15:40+02:00

February 2021


This drawing was made by our student: Robin Capelli (Italy) Strong reference to the fashion of the 80s even if tartan and provocative fishnet stockings throw the look on the 90s. No body shape is hidden with the paillettes glitter and the shine of the latex like a second skin. My drawings describe a woman with an explicit femininity that never has to ask. The combination of purple and green brings out both colors even if it is all dominated by black.      

February 20212021-04-19T09:16:42+02:00

January 2021


This drawing was made by our student: Stella Cozzi (Italy) TITLE: RESTART SHINE A collection that recalls the charm of distant lands with Texture inspired by Nike Savvas and the Moroccan style, enriched by digital details in lamé and lurex that refer to the digital revolution of the 90s. In fashion, technology means usability with soft and natural fabrics. Opaque and bright colors that come together thus creating a feeling of escape. Colors: black, white, orchid pink, jade green, lapis lazuli blue and golden yellow. COLORING METHOD: 6B / PROCREATE [...]

January 20212021-04-14T11:38:29+02:00