December 2020


This drawing was made by our student: Valeria Sarzi Amadé (Italy) COURSE: Fashion designer TECHNIQUE: Prismalo colored pencils by Caran d'Ache For this mini collection I was inspired by a fashionable woman who likes to play with volumes and transparencies. I wanted to create garments with soft lines while maintaining an elegant and feminine cut that would enhance the silhouette of the figure through the use of drapery, pleats and trims.      

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November 2020


This drawing was made by our student: Carlotta Spinella (Italy) HAUTE COUTURE COLLECTION TITLE : Digital insect CONCEPT: The world of insects through a computer monitor. A journey into the colors of their wings with Digital shades that transport us to a fantastic and dynamic world. Shapes and volumes structured in a 3D fan with metallic veins and shades of scarabs inside. The main colors are mauve, indigo, burgundy and orange.    

November 20202021-04-02T13:23:22+02:00

October 2020


This drawing was made by our student: Palincas Adina (Romania) TECHNIQUE USED: Pantone, promarkers and caran D'Ache prismalo color pencils. TITLE : Fashion Trip COLLECTION THEME: For creating this capsule collection I inspired myself by the 3 most famous fashions city in the world which are Paris, Milan and London. Each design represents he evolution of fashion through the development and emancipation of the woman. It is a prêt-à-porter collection reflecting an everyday outfit with elegance and caracther.    

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September 2020


This drawing was made by our student: Maria Annarumma (Italy) TECHNIQUE USED: MIXED WITH PENCIL HB AND B + COLOR AND PRINTS WITH PHOTOSHOP. TITLE : CAPTURED SPACE CONCEPT: A collection that blends with the main A / W 22 trends with a focus on quilting and matelassé, capable of giving an edge to even the simplest garments. The predominant colors are gray, turquoise, ocher and black, a palette that creates a self-confident feminine energy.    

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August 2020


This drawing was made by our student: Mattia Cordaro (Italy) Coloring techniques used: Caran d'Ache Prismalo and Promaker pastels; For these figures I wanted to create two casual but refined outfits playing with neutral tones and soft touch fabrics, the man I thought of is fashionable and attentive to details.  

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Drawing of the month July 2020


This drawing has been realized by our fashion student: Gloria Marcoaldi (Italy) I created this capsule collection inspired by current trends that see oversized lines and very soft fabrics as protagonists. The comfort of these clothes makes them extremely versatile, in fact, they can be worn both at home for smart working and for going out, but without ever giving up class and elegance.  

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June 2020


This drawing was made by our student: Holanda de Albuquerque Lavine (Brazil) Course: Fashion Designer for 7 months Collection theme: the jewel of Ancient Rome, the clothes reflect the emancipation of women, without sacrificing elegance and refinement through the rich choice of fabrics and crystals deliberately positioned in the shape of rhombuses. Technique: Pantone, Pastels and Glitter  

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May 2020


This drawing has been realized by our fashion student: Giada Bruno (Italy) The inspiration for these three outfits comes from the bondage and dark aesthetic being at the same time feminine and theatrical. The bright, almost glorious colors add a Cyber vibe. The bright, almost glorious colors add a Cyber vibe. Mixed technique: Pantones, markers, inks and pastels  

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April 2020


This drawing has been realized by our fashion student: Tara Abbasidehbokri (Iran) Collection haute couture spring- summer Inspiration: The collection is called the show must go on inspired by the rock n roll music specially the extravaganza of the rock scene in the 70’s. Bringing the elegance of fashion and the energy of the rock music together. Techniques used: The designs were realized by procreate app and drawn by hand with apple pencil.  

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March 2020


design of the month This drawing has been realized by our fashion student: Giulia Dardanelli (Italy) Title: pink is chic Inspiration: I created this small spring/summer collection inspired by the virtuosity of the pied-de-poule, which I reinterpreted in a coloured and lively prêt-à-porter, in which every woman can feel feminine and elegant, being at the same time eye-catching and comfortable. Techniques used: Promarker pantones and Charan d’Ache pastels Drawings made after 3 months of course  

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