This drawing has been designed by our fashion student :

Nadia Ciutto (ITA)

The figures in the background are inspired by two of the many sub-cultures Japanese, Lolita fashion to appear feminine and Visual-Kei to that of men. Lolita fashion, born in Japan around the 70s and reached its greatest popularity during the late 90s, inspired by the elaborate dresses of the Victorian era and Rococò. With extensive use of lace, ribbons, trimmings and ribbons is a style that is still popular both in Japan and around the world. The term Visual Kei literally “visual style” refers to a movement within the Japanese rock in which the scenic aspect is taken care of and praised in particular, not belittling the music. Music and images to walk hand in hand in order to create a congruent to the artistic concept of the band. The figure centrally, also inspired lolita, represents a young girl-doll bound by wires that prevent it from moving and to act according to his will, leading to a slow decay psychological also reflected in clothing: l ‘dress begins to fade, wear out from right to left. For the realization of the three figures I used: TRIA Pantone, Caran D’Ache crayons and black microtip.